Challenged Based Learning with Marco Torres

Today I attended a Mac1 Australia workshop by Marco Torres- Ignite, Engage, Inspire at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

What I learnt:

I saw many links and similarities between CBL and Inquiry learning but the emphasis of CBL being on the challenge and taking action, making a difference and using 21st century tools to solve problems and challenges and connecting globally.

“Challenge Based Learning is collaborative and hands-on, asking students to work with other students, their teachers, and experts in their communities and around the world to develop deeper knowledge of the subjects students are studying, accept and solve challenges, take action, share their experience, and enter into a global discussion about important issues.”

Challenge Based Learning

Challenge Based Learning: The process- Big Idea, essential questions, the challenge, guiding questions- activities and resources, solution, implementation, evaluation, documentation, reflection assessment.











Some key reflective questions Marco posed were-

When was the last time your students or other teachers watched you learn?
Is just knowing the answers going to help you in this digital age?
What kinds of questions are we asking?
Is knowing the right answer enough?
What are we doing in schools to get kids to come up with the ideas?
Do schools measure learning or measure knowing?
Why are we asking questions that students can just look up?

Macro discussed the difference between the product and the process- where technology is the process of how we solve problems and challenges and should not be the product of our learning. The product is the new knowledge and the solved problems and challenges, technology just helps us to get there.

What a great afternoon of thinking, learning and reflecting. I am looking forward to implementing some CBL in my classroom!

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  1. Hey Bec,
    I too was inspired by Marco Torres today. His questions were certainly thought provoking. ‘Once you let learning teach, then learning happens,’ was one of my favorite quotes of the day. We will be looking for ways to turn our classrooms into problem solving studios.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your comment. I am looking forward to sharing some of his questions with teachers back at my school. Definitely many things to think about and reflect upon.

    I really liked the question- “When was the last time your students or other teachers watched you learn?”. It is really important for students and other colleagues to see us always learning and what process we use to learn new information.


  3. I attended a workshop presented by Marco Torres and like all of came away inspired. I was hoping to do a followup Digital Story-telling PD with him this Thursday, 30th August. I have some information on this event via his assistance, Rosa but not where the event is happening. Does anyone know where this is happening?


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