Welcoming the new school year…Evernote style!


So it is only a couple of weeks before Australian schools return for the 2013 school year and I have had lots of keen teachers contact me in relation to getting organised with Evernote.

Here are my top tips for preparing for your new school year with Evernote-

1. Set up a notebook for each of your students. I like to do this because as the year goes by you will collect evidence of student learning and it is kept all in the one spot, easily accessible and extremely handy when writing mid year and end of year student reports. It is also handy when you have parent-teacher interviews.

2. Sign up to KustomNote.comKustomNote allows users to create templates that produce professional looking notes in Evernote. I use KustomNote when I have individual conferences with students or I am working with small groups. See earlier posts written about how to use KustomNote effectively. 

3. Stay organised with checklists. Evernote has a nifty check box feature that I use for to do lists, keeping track of student homework and take home reading and curriculum outcomes.

4. Go Paperless with Reading Assessment. If you have an iPad, why not start taking running records using a PDF annotator or the Record of Reading app.

5. Keep Track of your professional development. A great way to organise and keep track of the professional development you undertake throughout the year.


6. Go paperless with your lesson plans and work program. Last year I went paperless with my work program in Evernote. All of my lesson plans from Term 2 onwards were created in Evernote. This allowed me to have access to my lesson plans wherever I was, when ever I wanted!

7. Tag. I must admit, I think I am the worst ‘tagger’ out but when I do tag, I am grateful I have done so. As an example, I always make sure I tag when working with small groups and am trying hard to ensure I do this when working with individual students as well. In reading sessions, I like to tag the strategy I was working on with students so when I want to check on how my students are going with a particular strategy, I can easily search for it.

8. Use the audio feature. Record your students reading, explaining maths problems or discussing their reflections. What ever you record is a great reminder of what your students have achieved and you can continually come back to to inform future teaching.

9. Take pictures. The best thing about about taking snapshots with Evernote is that it automatically digitizes the content and makes it searchable! Take pictures of student work samples, handouts you are given and more!

10. If you can afford $45 a year…go premiumThe premium Evernote features give teachers many more opportunities for sharing and collaboration. Not only can you share notes with others, you can invite them to edit and collaborate on notes and notebooks with you. A great option, especially if you are team teaching or work in a large team of teachers.

Join my shared Notebook- Evernote Examples to give yourself some ideas and see how I use Evernote-


If you are new to Evernote or still thinking about taking the paperless plunge take a look at the following Prezi which gives an overview of how to become an organised and paperless teacher.

What are your tips for becoming organised and paperless this year? 

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  1. Great ideas. I’m looking for a way to transparently observe, coach, and evaluate teachers. I’d like teachers to be able to see my notes from walkthroughs. I’d like them to use the same folder to store notes about professional books read and professional development sessions they have attended.

    I didn’t realize Evernote had all these features. Will definitely look into upgrading to premium :).

    Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I can’t wait to talk about them with the other members in my PLC. Can you save video in Evernote? I would love to document a special needs student’s progress with video, save it in Evernote and share it with next year’s teacher.

    1. Hi,

      Glad you are finding my blog helpful. Yes you are able to store video in Evernote. You just cant capture it from the device. When I save video I just drag and drop the video file from my computer into the desktop client of Evernote. When you sync, the video then becomes available on all of your devices.

      Hope this helps,


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