2014 Calendar Templates for Evernote

I love having a simple calendar in Evernote to use when planning different things. In the past, I have used calendar templates in Evernote as part of my planning for trips and holidays, creating itineraries, booking student meetings and conferences, keeping track of and documenting student behaviour issues and general calendar items.

I love that with Evernote I can use my calendar templates combined with the Evernote Reminders feature. I can also add note links within my calendar note which link to related notes of things that I need to do or are important. I know many people use third party calendar apps that may integrate with Evernote but I hate having so many accounts and apps. I already have too many, so I try and find ways of making Evernote work for me without using third party apps.

To create my calendar templates, I download free Word versions from the web or use the Word calendar template creator.

Here is a simple example of a month view calendar in Evernote.

Feel free to use and copy any of the 2014 calendar templates–

To save the calendar templates to your own Evernote account follow these steps-

Join the notebook.

Once you have joined, it will be available on all of your devices.

Open up your desktop version and the joined notebook will appear after sync.

Follow the next steps to save to your own account so you can move and edit to make the templates work for you.

Once you have copied all of the notes you need, you do not need to keep the joined notebook in your account. Simply right click and select ‘Leave Notebook’ and it will no longer appear.

7 thoughts on “2014 Calendar Templates for Evernote

  1. Thanks for the templates. Just saved me a holiday job! Thanks

  2. These look great but was not able to copy the templates. They appear to be locked. Might you be able to provide the steps to complete the move?

    Very nice work!

  3. You can export the note to an Evernote XML format (right click on the note) and then open it up-it will open in a new notebook called “Import My Notes”-you can then modify them.

    1. Hi Todd,

      I have updated the post with instructions, hope this helps.


  4. Thanks for these templates Bec. Have also saved me a holiday job and starting to encourage me to use Evernote for more! Slowly becoming less paper dependent…

  5. I am also having trouble copying the templates as they are locked. Not sure what to do about that?

    1. Problem Solved … Had forgotten this copying function needs to be completed throughout the desktop version of Evernote (as opposed to the web version.) From there, you can open the shared folder, select the notes you want to copy, and then copy them to the folder of your choice. I did this and everything worked out nicely. Thanks again for your work!

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