Reflecting on my first term as an eLearning Leading Teacher

Today is the last day of Term 1 for Victorian public schools. For me, Term 1 has been somewhat of a rollercoaster. I came into this position at the beginning of the year with high hopes, massive plans and more things to accomplish than what turned out to be possible. This is normal for me though, I always want to do more than what I can, and even though some things I had hoped to happen this term haven’t, I know they are still on the cards. There are three more terms to go after all.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
— John Maxwell

Leadership Ahead

This term, I have learnt to be even more flexible than I was before, my timetable changes weekly and that is something I was not used to, but it turns out I’m ok with it, in fact, I enjoy it. I understand more than ever that being a good leader relies heavily on human leadership skills, without effective professional, constructive and respectful relationships with staff, leading them is not really possible. I have learnt to manage more than what I thought was possible, working full time in a new position, studying two subjects in my Masters of Education course (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation through CSU), so many ‘extra curricula’ work related activities, Evernote events, and not to mention a life.

A part from my eLearning responsibilities, the other part of my role is a school based teaching and learning coach. This is such a rewarding part of my job. I love woking with graduate teachers, and experienced teachers alike. I love being able to share what I know and guide them on their journey. I love watching as school based initiatives and projects come into fruition through professional learning and coaching sessions. I think being a part of that is pretty special. Sometimes it can also be the most frustrating part of my position, but I wouldn’t change it because learning is a process- no matter how old you are and being a part of that process for someone else, to watch their confidence increase, to witness the many ‘light bulb’ moments is rewarding, it is what being an educator is all about.

Some things I am proud of this term include deploying Google Apps for Education, leading whole school implementation of Challenge Based Learning, implementing a 1:1 iPad program in years 5/6, implementing Evernote with year 5/6 students (and getting their teachers successfully on board and really understanding the value- not only for their students, but for themselves too). I am proud of the staff I have worked with and their openness and willingness to take new ideas on and not be afraid to try something new.

With three terms to go, I am looking forward to a busy year. December will see the completion of my Masters, in June I will be attending the ACCE ISTE Study Tour to America, having not only the opportunity to attend ISTE (a long time bucket list item of mine) but will have the opportunity to present with fellow members of the study tour. ACEC is in October in Adelaide where I will also be presenting, sharing and learning. I will continue to strengthen the programs currently in place at my school and expand our iPad program. I will have fun- because I love my job- I love to teach, I love to learn.


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