#Evernote Work Chat

Recently, many Evernote users would have noticed the Work Chat feature appearing in their accounts.

Evernote Work Chat lets users communicate and collaborate without leaving the app…which for me has been a major time saving feature. Since the soft launch, I have been experimenting with Work Chat with both my colleagues and students.

Work Chat works on all platforms and even in the web version. It allows users to, first and foremost, chat…as well as quickly and easily share notes. Another cool feature is the ability to see who is viewing or editing a note, which for the students at school, has been great in eliminating note conflict issues. With this visibility users can easily start chats with the people who are viewing or editing the note.

Part of my role at school is coaching and mentoring other teachers- I have found Work Chat to be beneficial for me communicating with other teachers seamlessly and quickly, without clogging up their email inbox. Through this way of communicating I can share notes I want them to complete, feedback I have for them or readings and articles that would be beneficial for their professional learning. This way things are open and saved in Evernote straight away, rather than fussing about back and forth from email to Evernote.

Another way I have been using Work Chat is with my Digital Leaders group at school. They wrote their own post about using Evernote and Work Chat.

These are students who are 10-11 years old. With this group we often work on notes collaboratively and the use of Work Chat has been a life saver when in comes to eliminating note conflicts. Students share ideas, give each other feedback, ask questions, share links and check things with me when I am not around. It has really developed their independence with some of their tasks and it has only been a couple of weeks.

You can read more about Work Chat on the Evernote blog. I’d love to hear about how others have started using it and how it has impacted their digital work space.

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