The New Social Learning- A Scholarly Book Review

I completed this review as part of my studies for INF530- Concepts and Practices for the Digital Age, the fifth subject in my Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation).

While the book is not specifically written for the education field, it is as relevant for teachers as it is for businesses. I would recommend having a read!

Bingham, T., & Conner, M. L. (2010). The new social learning: A guide to transforming organizations through social media. Alexandria, VA: ASTD Press. Read more

2014 Calendar Templates for Evernote

I love having a simple calendar in Evernote to use when planning different things. In the past, I have used calendar templates in Evernote as part of my planning for trips and holidays, creating itineraries, booking student meetings and conferences, keeping track of and documenting student behaviour issues and general calendar items.

I love that with Evernote I can use my calendar templates combined with the Evernote Reminders feature. I can also add note links within my calendar note which link to related notes of things that I need to do or are important. I know many people use third party calendar apps that may integrate with Evernote but I hate having so many accounts and apps. I already have too many, so I try and find ways of making Evernote work for me without using third party apps.

To create my calendar templates, I download free Word versions from the web or use the Word calendar template creator.

Here is a simple example of a month view calendar in Evernote.

Feel free to use and copy any of the 2014 calendar templates– Read more

Google Street View Treks in the Primary Classroom

I am really excited to have found Google Street View Treks. Treks let you travel to some of the most amazing and most well renowned sites all over the world, all from sitting in front of your computer. What an exciting opportunity for the classroom!

Some of the places and icons include Mt Everest, the Grand Canyon, Venice, the Kennedy Space Centre and the Great Barrier Reef, with more destinations expected to be added.

When you navigate to Google Street View Treks and scroll down the page, you are presented with some spectacular photos of the places you can ‘visit’. When you select a destination you can read the information about it, as well as interact with Street View and maps. You can then select ‘Explore in Views’ to further investigate this wonderful places. Read more

Death by Anchor Chart!

It has become quite a running joke with my year 5/6 students that I am obsessed with posters- or ‘anchor charts’ in our classroom. For months I have continued to brush off their comments, believing what I have always been told…that students need these visual displays that have ‘captured their learning’…that I was creating a ‘print rich’ classroom environment that gives my students (and visitors to the room) a clear image of our classroom culture and what we are currently learning about. I had often been told by casual replacement teachers that they were appreciative of the (many) charts as they found it easy to pick up and teach if I was absent. I was commended by other staff, with many often coming in to take pictures for their own ideas. I loved the colours and maybe became a little too obsessed about which textas and paper I would use…only the best would do. A simple Google or Pinterest search delivers hundreds of brightly coloured, aesthetic charts teachers have proudly uploaded to the internet.

One day some students asked to share with the class an iMovie they had worked on in their free time, I was more than happy to allow them to excitedly share their finished product. Read more

Evernote Clearly and Web Clipper

When planning lessons and thinking about topics I am going to teach, I always ensure I research to see what other teachers have done, to get new ideas or to clarify my thoughts and understandings. I’m also a Masters student so am constantly reading articles on the web and am now in the habit of ‘clipping’ these articles or things I may want to refer back to at a later date, into Evernote. I have never been a good ‘bookmarker’, I tried social bookmarking, it was a fad for a while but I gave up. I also have saved bookmarks to my local devices but the inability to access these across platforms annoys me quite a bit. I love the way I can save different websites and articles I find right into my Evernote account.

The Evernote Web Clipper allows you to save anything you see on the web quickly and easily straight into your Evernote account. You can clip a full page, single article or just the URL and save it to a designated Notebook and add tags. Your web clips then become searchable within your Evernote account. Doing this allows me to have all of my information at the tip of my fingers, right when I need it and across my multiple devices. Read more