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Teaching with Evernote- an Explanation

Evernote is a cloud storage application that allows users to add notes via text, audio or images and organise them in online files- called ‘notebooks’. Evernote is designed to ‘remember everything’ and allows users to easily collect and find data on multiple devices. Evernote is supported on Android, iOS, Mac, PC and web. Continue reading

Postach.io & Post-It Notes


Today was the first day back in my classroom since returning from America. In my first hour with my students we were able to combine two of my latest loves. Postach.io and the new Evernote and Post-It Note integration.

Throughout my travels I kept a blog using Postach.io and loved how easy it was to use. I especially loved being able to quickly and efficiently publish my Evernote notes to the web. At the Evernote conference in September Postach.io won gold prize in the Evernote Development Cup– A very well deserved award. Postach.io is a blogging platform that allows users to automatically blog from their Evernote accounts. Once connected and set up (which is easy too), all you have to do is tag a note with ‘published’ and when the note syncs it is uploaded to the web- with the new iOS7 Evernote update it is super quick! So straightforward and makes so much sense.

Ever since the 3M and Evernote partnership was announced, I have been excited about the ways I can use Post-It Notes with Evernote. The new integration means that Evernote transforms Post-Its into a digitally enhanced format. This allows the handwriting on them to be ‘searchable’ and you can even assign specific Post-It Note colours to notebooks, tags or reminders in your Evernote account. You can read more about the features here. All you have to do is activate the Post-It Note camera in the app in iOS7, snap the note and it instantly transforms.

This morning I used both of these tools to create a blog of recommended books for my students to read. I wanted this to be personal and to come from their own opinions. Students in my class often take time to decide on their next text, or they just choose anything even though it may not really interest them very much. As such we created a space in our classroom library where students can make short recommendations about books they have read and liked. They need to include the title, author, genre and seven words that describe the book either written in a sentence or a word list. The idea is that the person reading the recommendation should be able to get a feel for the book in seven words.

I created a notebook in my Evernote called ‘Recommended Reading’ and after a discussion with students about genres I created a new note for each genre they listed. We then came up with a genre key so I knew which note to attach it to when I was taking the snapshots. This is also handy as students can see the recommendations in the classroom, they will not always have the blog. When the students had finished their recommendations I used the Post-It Note camera to snap the notes and added to each genre note. Once this process was done I then logged into Postach.io and created a new site, connected my ‘Recommended Reading’ notebook, tagged the notes as ‘published’ and it was done. This all took less than one hour. Now whenever students read a book they love all they have to do is add it to our wall and I can snap it in Evernote. My students do not have their own Evernote accounts but if they did I would create a shared notebook for this purpose so they could take their own snapshots of the Post-It Notes.

Here is our site- http://recommendedreading.postach.io/. When you click in to each of the entries there are multiple notes recommending different texts.

The students were really excited by this and asked for a way to check the blog at home for reading ideas. I thought it would also be great for them to have access to it when at the public library. As such, I created a book mark for them- one for school and one for them to take home. The bookmark includes a QR code to the site for easy access.

I am really looking forward to discovering more ways I can use both of these tools in the classroom.

Evernote @ iwb.net Leading a Digital School Conference

Yesterday and today, I had the opportunity to share the Evernote love with some amazing educators at the Leading a Digital School Conference at Crown in Melbourne!

Here is a quick overview of what I talked about-

Evernote- Get Organised and Go Paperless! from Rebecca Spink on Vimeo.


It was great to see some people Tweeting too-

I hope that all those who attended were able to take something away for them to implement back at school! I would love to hear all about it!

Evernote in Education Series

I have been busily organising myself for two upcoming conferences that I am presenting at over the next month.

I will be presenting two sessions at http://iwb.net.au/ – Leading a Digital School

  • Organised and Paperless Assessment with Evernote
  • Getting Evernote Ready (Hands on workshop)

I will also be at Mobile Learning Experience 2013 Presenting ‘Mobilising Student Assessment with Evernote- A Practical Approach’.

As such I thought over the next few months I will share some (more) of my tips and tricks for using Evernote as an education professional. Each week I will post a ‘task’ which will have some information, ideas, how to’s and a practical way for you to experiment with and practise.

I am starting with different things that I use in and out of the classroom on a daily basis. If there is something in particular that you really want to know about, please leave a comment on this post and I will add it to my list!

Happy Evernote-ing…


Evernote Education Series- Task # 1

Evernote Reminders are HERE

I am just a little excited to share that today Evernote released a new feature for Mac, iOS and Web….REMINDERS! I have always been a user of the reminders available on my iPhone so when I heard that Evernote was releasing Reminders built into the app I was super excited! Evernote already organises my life, home and work, everything I need to keep track of is in Evernote so Reminders will greatly enhance my organisation!


Evernote Reminders allow:

  • In-app and email Alarms
  • Quick note based to-do lists
  • Pinning notes to the top of your note list
From just playing around with Reminders today, I can tell it is quite easy and seamless to use. Just tap on the little alarm clock icon in your note (top corner in Mac and Web, bottom of note in iOS), set a date and time and you are done!
The Evernote Reminders are Notebook based (I am a stickler for having my Notebooks and Notebook Stacks organised ‘just right’ so I love this feature). In the screen shot below you can see how my Reminders are categorised in each of the Notebooks they are set for.


Why I think Evernote reminders will work for me-

In the last couple of weeks, I have gone from being in the classroom teaching three days a week to only two. On my three days outside of the classroom I am a Teaching and Learning coach within my school- spending much of my time visiting, planning with and mentoring other teachers and classes of different levels all over my school. Needless to say my job just became a little more hectic. Having to remember which classroom I am due in and at what time, as well as the planning for and teaching of my own class on the other two days- Evernote Reminders could not have come at a better time! For all of these different things I do, classroom visits, planning sessions and my own student assessment, I keep notes in Evernote. Now I can add reminders to my notes! I have just created Reminders for all I want to complete next week and feel so much more organised already!

Check out my Reminders associated with my notes-

So excited (I know I said that already!) to see my productivity continue to improve with Evernote Reminders!

How will Evernote Reminders work for you? 

Evernote Clearly and Web Clipper


When planning lessons and thinking about topics I am going to teach, I always ensure I research to see what other teachers have done, to get new ideas or to clarify my thoughts and understandings. I’m also a Masters student so am constantly reading articles on the web and am now in the habit of ‘clipping’ these articles or things I may want to refer back to at a later date, into Evernote. I have never been a good ‘bookmarker’, I tried social bookmarking, it was a fad for a while but I gave up. I also have saved bookmarks to my local devices but the inability to access these across platforms annoys me quite a bit. I love the way I can save different websites and articles I find right into my Evernote account.

The Evernote Web Clipper allows you to save anything you see on the web quickly and easily straight into your Evernote account. You can clip a full page, single article or just the URL and save it to a designated Notebook and add tags. Your web clips then become searchable within your Evernote account. Doing this allows me to have all of my information at the tip of my fingers, right when I need it and across my multiple devices.

It gets better…Evernote Clearly might just be my favourite Evernote tool yet! Do you ever get frustrated at annoying adds that catch your eye when trying to read something? Or find it frustrating when the menu bars take up nearly half of the screen? Clearly makes blogs, webpages and articles clean, clear and easy to read. Now you can read these pages free from distraction and even change the theme and look of the page to suit you and your style. Once you have used Clearly, you can then capture the page to Evernote! Perfect! Clearly also allows you to highlight text, print a ‘clear’ version (but who prints these days anyway?) and maybe the best feature yet, especially after a long day at work…will even read the text to you with the text to speech feature!

Using these tools, my research, web browsing and bookmarking has clearly become more productive!

Make sure you have the Web Clipper and Clearly installed. Once installed they will appear in the top right hand corner of your web browser.

Once clipped to Evernote it will appear clear and with any highlights you made-

In what ways have you used the Evernote Web Clipper and Clearly? 

Welcoming the new school year…Evernote style!


So it is only a couple of weeks before Australian schools return for the 2013 school year and I have had lots of keen teachers contact me in relation to getting organised with Evernote.

Here are my top tips for preparing for your new school year with Evernote-

1. Set up a notebook for each of your students. I like to do this because as the year goes by you will collect evidence of student learning and it is kept all in the one spot, easily accessible and extremely handy when writing mid year and end of year student reports. It is also handy when you have parent-teacher interviews.

2. Sign up to KustomNote.comKustomNote allows users to create templates that produce professional looking notes in Evernote. I use KustomNote when I have individual conferences with students or I am working with small groups. See earlier posts written about how to use KustomNote effectively. 

3. Stay organised with checklists. Evernote has a nifty check box feature that I use for to do lists, keeping track of student homework and take home reading and curriculum outcomes.

4. Go Paperless with Reading Assessment. If you have an iPad, why not start taking running records using a PDF annotator or the Record of Reading app.

5. Keep Track of your professional development. A great way to organise and keep track of the professional development you undertake throughout the year.


6. Go paperless with your lesson plans and work program. Last year I went paperless with my work program in Evernote. All of my lesson plans from Term 2 onwards were created in Evernote. This allowed me to have access to my lesson plans wherever I was, when ever I wanted!

7. Tag. I must admit, I think I am the worst ‘tagger’ out but when I do tag, I am grateful I have done so. As an example, I always make sure I tag when working with small groups and am trying hard to ensure I do this when working with individual students as well. In reading sessions, I like to tag the strategy I was working on with students so when I want to check on how my students are going with a particular strategy, I can easily search for it.

8. Use the audio feature. Record your students reading, explaining maths problems or discussing their reflections. What ever you record is a great reminder of what your students have achieved and you can continually come back to to inform future teaching.

9. Take pictures. The best thing about about taking snapshots with Evernote is that it automatically digitizes the content and makes it searchable! Take pictures of student work samples, handouts you are given and more!

10. If you can afford $45 a year…go premiumThe premium Evernote features give teachers many more opportunities for sharing and collaboration. Not only can you share notes with others, you can invite them to edit and collaborate on notes and notebooks with you. A great option, especially if you are team teaching or work in a large team of teachers.

Join my shared Notebook- Evernote Examples to give yourself some ideas and see how I use Evernote-


If you are new to Evernote or still thinking about taking the paperless plunge take a look at the following Prezi which gives an overview of how to become an organised and paperless teacher.

What are your tips for becoming organised and paperless this year?