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Evernote in Education Series

I have been busily organising myself for two upcoming conferences that I am presenting at over the next month.

I will be presenting two sessions at http://iwb.net.au/ – Leading a Digital School

  • Organised and Paperless Assessment with Evernote
  • Getting Evernote Ready (Hands on workshop)

I will also be at Mobile Learning Experience 2013 Presenting ‘Mobilising Student Assessment with Evernote- A Practical Approach’.

As such I thought over the next few months I will share some (more) of my tips and tricks for using Evernote as an education professional. Each week I will post a ‘task’ which will have some information, ideas, how to’s and a practical way for you to experiment with and practise.

I am starting with different things that I use in and out of the classroom on a daily basis. If there is something in particular that you really want to know about, please leave a comment on this post and I will add it to my list!

Happy Evernote-ing…


Evernote Education Series- Task # 1

Evernote Reminders are HERE

I am just a little excited to share that today Evernote released a new feature for Mac, iOS and Web….REMINDERS! I have always been a user of the reminders available on my iPhone so when I heard that Evernote was releasing Reminders built into the app I was super excited! Evernote already organises my life, home and work, everything I need to keep track of is in Evernote so Reminders will greatly enhance my organisation!


Evernote Reminders allow:

  • In-app and email Alarms
  • Quick note based to-do lists
  • Pinning notes to the top of your note list
From just playing around with Reminders today, I can tell it is quite easy and seamless to use. Just tap on the little alarm clock icon in your note (top corner in Mac and Web, bottom of note in iOS), set a date and time and you are done!
The Evernote Reminders are Notebook based (I am a stickler for having my Notebooks and Notebook Stacks organised ‘just right’ so I love this feature). In the screen shot below you can see how my Reminders are categorised in each of the Notebooks they are set for.


Why I think Evernote reminders will work for me-

In the last couple of weeks, I have gone from being in the classroom teaching three days a week to only two. On my three days outside of the classroom I am a Teaching and Learning coach within my school- spending much of my time visiting, planning with and mentoring other teachers and classes of different levels all over my school. Needless to say my job just became a little more hectic. Having to remember which classroom I am due in and at what time, as well as the planning for and teaching of my own class on the other two days- Evernote Reminders could not have come at a better time! For all of these different things I do, classroom visits, planning sessions and my own student assessment, I keep notes in Evernote. Now I can add reminders to my notes! I have just created Reminders for all I want to complete next week and feel so much more organised already!

Check out my Reminders associated with my notes-

So excited (I know I said that already!) to see my productivity continue to improve with Evernote Reminders!

How will Evernote Reminders work for you? 

Evernote Meetup in Melbourne

Today I held an Evernote Meetup at my school in Craigieburn, an outer suburb of Melbourne. It was great to see many educators come out in the cold wind and rain for the event and to share in an afternoon of ‘green’ food and Evernote stories! Being the only Australian Evernote Ambassador, most of my interactions about Evernote generally happen online through my blog and Twitter, or when people in ‘real life’ will listen to me! It was fantastic to meet so many Evernote users and people who want to get on the amazing Evernote band wagon!

It was wonderful to hear about the great ways so many teachers are already using Evernote for themselves and with their students. I shared about how Evernote has changed my teaching and assessment practices and discussed many of the wonderful Evernote Trunk partners. I loved watching and hearing about how other educators are using Evernote and I loved that these teachers were excited and eager to start using Evernote straight away.

Thanks so much to all those who attended!