Dinosaur Adventures with Prep C

Prep C has another iBook on the way, coming to an iPad near you- Dinosaur Adventures!

After the success of the ‘In the School’ series by three prep classes I have been working with, I decided to hand over the decisions to students. They all agreed on writing another book, creating it in Book Creator and publishing it to the iBooks store.

We brainstormed story ideas and topics and dinosaurs was a clear winner. We then brainstormed what they knew about dinosaurs which prompted some great discussion.

Students decided that they wanted their book to be funny, that we should write about ‘silly’ dinosaurs. I showed the the AR Dinopark app and that was it. Students came up with different things dinosaurs can ‘do’ at our school.

Students also created Popplets to show what they can ‘do’. In this activity, students were encouraged to use the supports around the room to write the words correctly as well as writing all of the sounds they could hear.

It was their first time using Popplet so we created an anchor chart for them to refer to. The colours also matched the colours of the buttons in the app.

Working with Prep students and introducing them to iPads in the classroom has been such a rewarding (and sometimes crazy) experience. I am constantly blown away by their abilities to show their learning and create meaningful products for an authentic audience!

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